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Trésors de Tahiti won the home race

It’s on the last race that the ranking of the Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux was played. On the clear waters of Bora Bora, it’s Trésors de Tahiti who won on the very last leg. The fight was rude with Oman Sail (Stevie Morisson) as the two boats accumulated exactly the same amount of points. The jury drew the line. Based on the rules and regulations,  the Tahitians were favored as they accounted for more leg victories.

It’s the new crew« Mood » which completes the podium. Theco-skippers, Aurélien Ducroz et Damien Iehl made good trouble-makers with a beautiful victory between Tahiti and Moorea.


Final ranking of Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux :

  1. Trésors de Tahiti (22,5 points)
  2. Oman Sail (22,5)
  3. Mood (25)
  4. CER (43)
  5. Cheminées Poujoulat (53,5)
  6. Merlin (66,5)
  7. Trésors de Tahiti Espoirs (80)
  8. SCEAP (84,5)

Nastro Rosa : Riccardo Simoneschi, Nostra Rosaorganiser, will be  present the first week end of theNautical in order to present the event and answer the crews questions.

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