Become a Diam 24od Agent !

Agent, Shipyard, Sailmaker

You’re already in the industry and are looking for an additional source of revenue ?

You love and are regularly partcipating in regattas ?
Become a Diam 24od Agent !

By becoming the first local representative of the Diam 24 od, you will support the activity of the fleet, by providing and managing a range of services focussed on removing the constraints to going sailing.

You will be responsible for the provision of technical services relating to the Diam 24 od (repairs, winterization, assembly / dismantling, storage, parking management) either directly or in collaboration with a network of certified professionals.

  You encourage the development of the Diam 24 od in your area, by coaching, a training calendar and regattas.

We entrust you with running test sails for any prospective clients of theDiam 24od.

You are an entrepreneur and you are remunerated on:

The provision of local services – provided by and billed for – by you.

A commission earned on the sales of new boats and spares to your geographical area – made by the yard or yourself.

You are our first Ambassador: for all the contacts you bring that subsequently purchase a new boat – you will receive an Ambassadors Commission.

In order for our entire network to offer a consistent and constantly improving service to our customers, we will train you regularly throughout our collaboration.

Are you interested in the role of an agent? Let us know !