Diam 24 one design, simple and accessible, speed with maximum freedom :

« Rethink Everything »

Everything evolves, everything changes, Regatta practices too !

Based on the facts that our Professional and family lives (our modern lives) leave us with very little time for the practice of regatta.

From these findings arises the “Easy Regatta” concept : the idea is to leave you with the sailing, the regatta and to rely on trained professionals, equiped with semi-industriel devices for all the logistical and material organisation…

ADH inotec has been working on the subject since 3 years, to define and set up the concept properly. It’s ultra-easy dismountability features, it’s arrangement in the Dbox; its one-design features, are spécifications which enable us to foresee real évolutions in the organisation of Regatta practices : cost reduction, ecological footprint reduction (boats sailing more often and transported collectively…).

Easy Regatta : What is it ?

It’s a key-in-hand service :

You choose your programm : The dates for different training-coaching sessions and regattas from the Diam24od Class Calendar. An Easy Regatta contract is signed between the subcontractor and the team : It defines the responsibilites and services of each one. The subcontractor, will take in charge the material, maintenance and logistical part. He welcomes the sailors for the boat launchings, he is prepared for any technical intervation during the whole Week-end, and to give advices if needed…

Easy Regatta, in Diam 24od enables you to sail at your level against professional levels, and to enjoy your favourite leisure activity freely and “à la carte” !

Easy Regatta is also about discovering new water sailing-sites, to please oneself among friends during a long weekend : The fleet gathered gives you the Opportunity to know about Discovery raids, with sporting and fast sailing, and a friendly ambiance back on land : a practice bewteen Leisure activity and regatta. An organised trip whose theme is sailing practice on a fast and sensationnel sportboat (ex: 2018 Sweden raid and in Croatia in 2019).

In its development process, the concept provides completely autonomous actions, regattas on beautiful sites while trying at best to get rid of the constraints (weather, tides, accomodation, législations, rules application controls…).

Simplify your weekends : no more logistical tackling, just enjoy sailing !

How does it work in practice ?

No need to come to the racing sites days before the event, arrival on the very day or on the eve, the Diam 24 one design will be waiting for you, ready to be launched ! No more loadings and uploadings at the end of the Regatta ! When you are back from sailing we get hold of the beast, we disassemble and load the D24od. You can take your time to assist the Prize giving ceremony, spend time with your families and other teams over the regatta weekend !

No more paperwork, we carry out for you the registration procedures !

  • The boats are delivered fully assembled.
  • During the events we assit you technically…
  • After the last race, we take care of the boats we ask you for your feedbacks, we dissassemble the boats, we do the check-up, we carry out small maintenace works and eventually reparations.
  • We transport the boats and store them between each regattas.
  • In case of bad weather, we manage the insurance files, the reparations and fixing up.

Example of a navigation  programm :

  • Thursday afternoon, boat available once fully mounted : first try to check the water site !
  • Friday Morning : last training before the event.
  • Friday afternoon + full day Saturday and Sunday : Regatta.
  • Sunday afternoon : alter the last race we take hold of the boat, you just have to assist the Prize giving ceremony before leaving for home…

Easy Regatta : for whom ?

Different services to answer the needs of different sailor profiles :

You know how to sail in regattas, but you haven’t any experience in multihulls

Come and discover the simplicity of the boat and the pleasure it generates at any speed and feel how speed can be thrilling. A good opportunity to see if the Diam 24 one design series can meet you expectations !

You are the owner of a Diam 24od

You want to use your free time to navigate. You live far from the sea ? We store and maintain your boat. No more paperwork, we take care of your regattas subscriptions…

You are a Young team in a sailing club owning a Diam 24od

You don’t have the training and the E permit experience, you have no ship handler, your programm is clearly identified ? We can tan care of your logistical work, the maintenance and disassembling of your boat.

You are a Professional team navigating on Diam 24od

You would like to externalise the activities away from you main activity premises, we manage your logistical and maintenance part. You Don’t have enough crew ? Our network should help you find one. You want to navigate with your own sails ? We’ll take care of them after every use !

Do not hesitate to contact us to additional details