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Discovery weekend at Hamble


« Sail Demo » Hamble 2019 took place in the Solent river mouth, on the 23rd and 24th March. More than 20 people had the opportunity to test the multihull in the best conditions ever with the Diam 24 od.


For this first event, the organisation team was well-honed with 1h30 « sets » by the team but also in a friendly ambiance thanks to the warm welcome and the help of the English Class  local boat owners.



Tobi Collyer :

« It’s a strong boat. We can push hard and still feel secure. It’s not a very high-performance boat but it’s ideal for clubs. It’s very nice. I think with some more breeze it would have been even better !

It’s the ideal support before getting to high-performing boats like the M32. It can be fully mastered. We have time for tack changes and gybes. It’s not a quick maneuver. I tested it in thin breeze, it might get harder in strong winds but it still seems strong. »

Stephan Homewood :

« I think that there is a real lack of one-design races with multi-hulls. It would have been great to have a good one-design multi-hulls fleet. There is hesitation to go for multi-hulls boats. Some have been navigating since 20 to 30 years on monohulls and don’t want to change.  It’s a pity. We have to go beyond habits, it’s a real challenge. People are obsessed by the idea of capsizing and they forget that Easy Sinkings happens a bit everywhere.

Here, there are many J70, J80. If you know how to navigate on a J80, you know how to navigate on a Diam. It’s faster, specially when there is wind. It’s a great boat implying a small budget, particulary in small breeze,  if you are good with the Main-sail you will go faster, while  on a J80 there is one at the back working hard and the others chatting. There’s only one guy who tries to push hard the boat. On this boat you can choose your rythm. If you just want cruising you can, if you want speed you can too. That’s good.  »

William Homewood :

« That was fun ! It goes quite fast although there was not much wind. I took pleasure in it. It went fast. I love to sail with a crew. »

Egis Mecionis :

« There wasn’t much wind today but it was enough for a test. It’s quite an easy boat for steering. Very sensitive steering. With 12, 13 knots, you can almost fly. It’s a good boat, with which we can take much pleasure. I am very keen to ride it ! »

 « We have had good contacts which should enable the English Class to develop itself  » concludes Vianney ANCELLIN. The Sail Demo has also allowed the testing of  recent innovations. The new « Code 0 » has revealed itself to be reliable in small breeze, a new material, lighter, has also been tested. Finally, tests have been done with a heat engine in order to increase the boat propulsion power.

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