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More and more intense on the Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux

A 90 miles outstanding rallying raid , 5 events, 5 islands, 2 days 100 % Stadium, the second edition of the  Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux will show high standards ////. Meeting from the 7th to  21st November in Tahiti.

After a first successful edition, the « GP Pacifique des Jeux » comes back in 2019. The last step towards the World Diam Tour promises to be as  competitive as the previous one with its 45 events which will carry the fleet from Tahiti to Bora Bora. Before reaching the Bora Bora lagoon, the competitors will have finished the Diam 24 circuit longest raid : 90 milles in the middle of the Pacific between Moorea and Huahine. For the teams who love contact,  two half days at Moorea and Raiatea will be dedicated to the Stadiums. « we are presenting a more complete programme than last year,” promises Emmanuel Versace, co-organiser. « This will enable Raids and Stadiums specialists to express themselves with their own tactiques. The best team will be the most complete one. »

Compared to last year, the « GP Pacifique des Jeux » has also chosen to give  two additional days  off  to competitors to leave them time to chill out while discovering the « Society Archipelago ». Beyond the competition, amateurs teams, followers and sponsors will be able to make the most of 8 to 13 days packages specially conceived to discover Polynesia. Until the first of June, the subscription fees of  24 500 euros will  include the flight tickets, the meals as well as the accommodation. 


The Schedule

  • 7th of November, Crews’ Arrival
  • 8th of November, Rest, briefing, opening ceremony
  • 9th of November, Boat Assembling, training sessions
  • 10th of November, Stadium race, 1st Stage : Taravao > Pointe Venus
  • 11th of November, Stadium race, 2nd Stage : Pointe Venus > Moorea
  • 12th of November, Stadium race in Moorea
  • 13th of November, 3rd Stage : Moorea > Huahine
  • 14th of November, Day off (Huahine)
  • 15th of November, 4th Stage : Huahine > Raiatea
  • 16 th of November, Stadium race in Raiatea
  • 17th of November, 5th Stage: Raiatea > Tahaa > Bora Bora
  • 18th of November, Stadium race
  • 19th of November, Coastal Race of Bora Bora, Closing Ceremony
  • 20th of November, Boat Dissassembling
  • 21th of November, Discovery of Bora Bora – Return flight

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