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D-Rules, the Diam 24 od one design passport

From the bare batten to the central hull, from the daggerboard to the mast head, each item of a Diam 24 od is referenced and controled all along its life span. For each boat, it is more than 20 items which are verified with precision for conformity, and referenced to guarantee perfect sport equity. Moreover, the D rules application enables one to know every details about them.

The problematic of a multihull sportboat is that it is made of interchangeable elements. This whole is like a big puzzle and it is necessary to be able to track all the principle items in order to secure the boat integrity.

The D-Rules application is the last innovation of both ADH shipyard and of the Diam 24 od Class. It has been created for this purpose. It’s the absolute tool for the application of the one-design essence. It enables us to know everything, right away, about the different componants of multihulls, identified by a specific number marked on a RFID chip, or with the help of an unalterable label. It guarantees their conformity with the class rules. In other words, each of the boat components has an independent digital life, complementary to its physical life.

Vianney ANCELLIN, Director of the shipyard explains: « The one-design characteristic starts with production, it’s a high-precision work. Producing high precision elements perfectly identical to each other is a process well-known by manufacturers. We apply modern mass production techniques and put them to the service of equity in the sport field. Also, there can’t exist one-designs without controls and sanctions. We can’t just bet on the idea that people will respect the rules, we must make sure they abide by it. Last important principle, it’s up to the crew to guarantee the conformity of their boats with the rules, they are the one liable in the certificate of conformity, the document named Certificat D24od edited by D-rules»

This quest for conformity is thus inherent in the genes of the class whose royal mission is to control. It’s during the conformity exam at the end of the production line that the elements are certified in the data base after being established by certified controlers. Then comes the assembly-operations part. The items are chosen so that the final result comply to the expected weight and dimensions. This second package is controled again following a specific process. The certificate for the first time may be issued. It’s the crew who will edit the certificate, by adding different items if the latter are in full conformity. Otherwise, the competitor is not authorised to sign-up for the events involving Diams 24 od boats. He won’t be delivered a D24od certificate, compulsory document for each event.

This strict process has indeed put under the limelight the most famous actors of the sailing world like the Fédération Internationale (World Sailing), the FFVoile, or organisers. Jean-Baptiste Durier (ASO), manager of the Tour Voile, believes that it is one of the first qualities of this multihull sportboat. « sport credibility, is about

having a fleet with drastically identical boats. This is clearly the case today with the Diam 24 od, it’s even one of the main stronghold of the boat. We will always be extremely vigilant for this» he explains.

Thanks to D Rules, racers, organisers and mostly the controlers, can now make double sure about the conformity of each item and respect the class rules which starts by recalling that« genuine competition will exist between the teams and not between the boats and the equipments. »

Control points :

  • 1 central hull

  • 2 floats

  • 2 arms

  • 1 mast

  • 2 rudder heads

  • 2 rudders

  • 1 daggerboard

  • 1 Main-Sail

  • 1 Jib sail

  • 1 Genaker

  • Main-Sail battens

  • 1 forestay loop

  • 1 forestay

  • 2 shrouds

  • 1 boome

  • 1 genaker cable

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