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Nastro Rosa announces a choice partner

The Nastro Rosa – 3rd event of the World Diam Tour – will take place in Italy from the 22nd September to 12th October. For this first edition, Ricardo Simoneschi, the organiser, announces the arrival of a choice partner, six dream rounds and cheaper subscription fees.

A new border crossed for the World Diam Tour. After Oman and Tahiti, it’s now in Italy that the multihull will start racing. Ricardo Simoneschi – organiser of the Nas- tro

Rosa – has just confirmed the arrival of a choice partner, whose name will be revea- led shortly, as well as a completely modified race course.

Six dream stages

The event, on 18 days will be carried out in different stages across the most beau- tiful italian sailing sites.

It’s in the north of the peninsula, at Genoa, that the Nastro Rosa will start before arriving to the capital city, Roma. The contestants will then head south, towards Napoli before crossing Italy to join the Adriatic seas and the port of Ancône. The closing stage is perhaps the most promising one as it will be carried out in the La- guna of Venice. Finally, it will be at Trieste, near the Croatian border that the Nas- tro Rosa will end.

Promotional offer

In order to convince the French teams to participate in the event, the Italian or- ganiser will finance the accommodation for the first three teams which will have signed-in. The subscription fees have been calculated to the minimum cost as they are only 10 000 euros per crew.

Media coverage

The organiser has promised a dense communication programme with different Partners among which la GAZETTA del Sport, the Italian version of l’Equipe and broadcasting via national TV channels.

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