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A first year rich in valuable experiences for « Easy Regatta »

Launched in the fall 2018, the concept «Easy Regatta » is a revolutionary way to practice. Much more than a rent offer, this concept meets the expectations evolution in the practice of leisure sports. It is based on the facts that professional and family lives leave barely enough time for leisure practices, and « Easy regatta » coordinates everything to make sailors’ lives easier. Flashback on the evolution.


Still unknown to the public, the formulae Easy Regatta seduces more and more competitors who can try a multihull sportboat without any constraints. No need to buy a boat, no need engaging in maintenance or logistics organisation, the shipyard organises everything even the training sessions, with renowned coaches.


« Key in hand » regatta.

Bic Sport manager, Thierry VERNEUIL is one of the first to have tried it. « it’s a pure bliss to have boats at hand and to beneficiate from advices and coaching on navigation adjustments. It’s great to have boats fully ready when you need and want them ». Thierry has opted for this solution so as to participate in the Spi Ouest France and he has got acquainted with the boat during training sessions. «I would never have dared participating if not for Easy Regatta. Clearly, I might have got on board just to have a go but I would not have signed in for the  Spi Ouest France with a DIAM24od, that’s clear. » 

Xavier DUBOS is also an Easy Regatta lover : «We have family lives, demanding jobs. Our weekends are for navigation not to lose time in boat transportation» he says briefly « to discover the circuit and be able to do it according to our desires, is just amazing. Today we are all congratulatory-minded on the subject. »

« During a regatta or training session, the shipyard team prepares the boat and the sailing crew has just to get on the boat. » « We arrive a bit like stars » Xavier declares jokingly savouring his freedom. The technicians are constantly present at the start, during and at the end of the races ready to intervene. « During the Eurocat, we had a few problems with a winch on the first day. We did the debriefing in the evening with Hugo and everything was fixed the next day. » explains Xavier.

Michel DESJOYEAUX, who has participated in the boat conception speaks about the «Easy regatta» importance: «We provide the participants with a key-in-hand offer which mutualises the technical aspects. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to practice his passion without being hassled with material constraints. For anyone who is looking for pleasure first, it’s the right formulae. »


The ideal support

The Easy Regatta success arises mainly from the quality of this multihull and by the strict one-design features of the class. « Teams know that when they get hold of a Diam24 od that the block will always be at the same place, the sail will have the same shape, and the boat will move in the same manner. It’s possible to sail on a different Diam for the Catagolfe or for the Grand Prix en Méditerranée, It’s always the same boat that we’ll have in hand, only the reference number will change » continues  DESJOYEAUX.

Fast, spectacular, the Diam 24 od can also be lenient with small beginners’ mistakes. Franck CAMMAS, who has participated this year in the Sailing Arabia, explains: « It’s a quite Classic Multihull, easy to adjust because there are no enormous adjustments items on board.» In other words, the speed sensations arrive fast but one needs practices to go faster than the other participants.


Goodbye to stress

The Easy Regatta concept offers the possibility to reconcile oneself with regattas, while forgetting the « Sunday evening stress » felt by every owners. Once the last leg is finished, the team doesn’t have to line up for the crane, to fetch the trailer or to wash or disassemble the boat. So, goodbye to late returns home at 11 pm. « It’s the first time that I could be on time for dinner » says with a smile one of the first fans.


Test the adventure in 2020

This first Easy Regatta year enables to fine-tune the Easy Regatta offer. For those who switch from monohulls to multihulls and discover the high-speed regattas, the new strategies, the tactics on board a large and light boat, we can estimate that two to three week-end training sessions are enough to tame the Diam 24 od. Vianney ANCELLIN, manager of the shipyard explains : «After the experience, it’s more the anxieties that have to be overcome. The Diam 24 od is the Tour Voile boat and the image given to it is sometimes far from reality. The boat is more easy to handle than it seems. »

The supervision done by the Easy Regatta team is a token of trustworthiness and makes possible the participation in good conditions in such a classic race as the Spi Ouest France or the l’Eurocat. The more curious will even be able to participate in raids on exceptional water plans as it was the case in Croatia.

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