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Easy Regatta in 10 questions : Part 1

Launched in the spring, the Easy Regatta concept is already a great success with six training sessions, 5 regattas and convinced participants. You don’t know this formula yet ? 

Easy Regatta. What is it ?
The Easy Regatta concept is aimed at those who want to sail in regattas free of all  logistical constraints. The crew needs only  to turn up in nautical gear and the workshop does all the rest.  The technicians prepare the the multi-hull and give help and advice to get it in the water. Its a guarantee for crews to have a boat in perfect condition all ready to race.
Do I have to be an experienced racer ?

Easy Regatta is accessible to all sailors (mono or multi-hull). You need to have a level of autonomy in sailing but you don’t need to be a champion ! We estimate that if you have done pleasure sailing once a year since you were young and have had responsibility for a boat you can throw yourself into this new adventure.
Am I at a good enough level to sail the Diam 24od ?
The Diam 24od was conceived so that mono hull sailors could discover the speed, a way of democratizing the pleasure of a multi-hull. It enables the discovery of the sensation of speed but with simple rules. It is easy to cox and it is easy to understand it its rules. All those who use it say the boat is « easy to use ». The only thing which is difficult is to go faster than the others but that is what makes racing in a one design regatta interesting.
What’s on the agenda for this autumn ?
The programme is composed of training regattas.
The sessions are planned for each weekend in September and October in Port La Foret.
According to the weather forecast and the number of inscriptions certain dates will be cancelled.
The programme is specially adapted to the discovery of the Diam24od, the sailing in a fleet in contact, the sessions are accompanied by real(small) regattas.
The objective is to de-mistify the image of the Diam24od and allow allow all amateur racers to respond to the questions :
Does my sailing experience enable me to race in a Diam24od ?
Will I be able  to get so much enjoyment and is the boat accessible to me ?
In 2020 will I dedicate the season to sailing Diam24od ?
There are 2 regatta  challenges  left at the end of the season :
The Trophée de Muticocques at la Trinité, from the 28 to 31st August
Catagolfe at Arradon from the 5th to the 6th October.
There are still places left

You still have time to sign up !


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