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2020 racing Season, had already started…

The 2020 season has begun since January with the 10th edition of the EFG- Sailing Arabia The Tour.

This very first Diam 24 event has ended with the merciless victory of the EFG team leader Sofian Bouvet, together with his french crew Germain Gaulthier and the Oman crew Ali Al Balushi.

This impressive trio imposed itself as from the first race, their opponants didn’t stand a chance. They will definitely be hard to beat for the Tour Voile…

The rest of the Oman event podium consisted of the Group Atlantic (Clément Cron FRA, Aristide Gasquet FRA, Richard-Nebla Romèn ESP) andDB Schenker,a 100% female team  (Audrey Ogereau FRA, Lauranne Mettraux SUI, Ibtisam al Salmi OMA, Marwa al Kaifi OMA).

The SATT, has also been a great discovery track  (5 stops on 1500 km) along the Oman coasts, associated to touring visits offered to the teams and their crews.

The season would have continued with the Grand Prix de la Grande Motte, the first 2020 event of the Tour voile series *. While the Spi Ouest France, which should have opened the Diam regattas season has been postponed to September 2020.

Abroad, the competition programme (Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and this year the first event labeled  the « Tour Voile Series » abroad : The Hamble D24odGrand Prix) is disrupted .

 Off season, week-ends trainings are organised betweenLa Trinité-sur-mer and Port la Forêt. And, with the Easy Regatta activity, it’s also possible to organise a sport event wheverever you want to.

As specified in the introduction, a new version of this 2020 calendar will be made available as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, as every year, the Diam 24 circuit will offer events both varied and complementary everywhere in France and abroad, coupled with training sessions.

* Definitions…

Tour Voiles Series : races dedicated to the Tour Voile preparation.

Diam Racing Regatta : actually sport and leisure meetings including a Diam 24 od classification.

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