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Easy Regatta : the « ready to sail » regatta.

Zero constraints and 100% pleasure : Easy Regatta, a true revolution  !

For all regattas lovers who’d rather sail than spending time on boat preparations for sailing !  

Easy Regatta, is :

  • All the competition pleasures, navigation, sharing and discoveries.
  • Without any constraintswhatsoever, logisitics and material.
  • In the frame of a specific budgetand planned

Easy Regatta, how does it work  ?

  • You choose a training programme and regattas which you would like to enter in.
  • For each of these meetings, your boat is transported and made ready for sailing on the D- day .
  • At the end of this training week or week-end, your Diam 24 and its accessoires are taken in hand by technical teams : dismounted, carried and stored with great care.
  • A technical assistance is present during the races.
  • If one of your crew member is unavailable, the Diam 24 od community will supply a substitute crew member.

Planned budget and calendar

Easy Regatta, is a « menu » budgeted planning.

Once you’ve chosen yours, among the existing events, a quotation related to your races and trainings is submitted to you.

You will have a precise budget for the season.

The boatad hoc

The Diam 24 od is the « ready-to-sail » boat : accessible to all, fun, in fact very enjoyable, a one design, conceived to be serviced, repaired and transported easily.

  • An accessible boat for all : instant pleasure, whatever the level or sailing experience.
  • A boat loved by all, including beginners ! stability, speed, sensations : to discover and take up sailing and regattas on a Diam 24 is simply synonymous to shared pleasure !
  • Races on equal term for excitingly fair and competitive regatta: where only crews stand out.
  • Disputed races : thrilling contact races, whatever the types of races.
  • Friendly meetings, because regattas are also lived and shared on land !
  • Travels, thanks to international planned meetings…

Easy Regatta, for all  

  • Neophytes, beginners or professionals : renting or buying a Diam 24 od.
  • Leisure sailing  : renting or buying your Diam 24 od.
  • High level teams : renting or buying your Diam 24 od.

A Diam 24 od will be a Diam 24 od. We are also racers : we take good care of your material like ours.

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