Sail demo Hamble 2019


Sail demo HAMBLE 2019 D24 od





For the first anniversary of the UK Class, we are very happy to organise a sailing week-end with demos and trials on Diam 24.

We would like you to feel speed on water, safely.

This “one design” has known a successful growth all over the world.


2013 – 2019 : The history of the boat

2013 : birth
2015 : Elected by « Tour Voile » as official boat
2016 : Diam 24 UK first import
2017 : Elected « boat of the year » by Sailing World, USA
2018 : Choosen by Oman for « Sailing Arabian The Tour »
UK class creation
World Diam Tour creation
World Sailing recognition as international series


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The Diam 24 boatyard, in association with UK Class, is proud to invite you at a sailing trial through a week-end of march 2019.
Do you like fun sailing, race at good speed, come and try this exiting international series.
From Hamble point marina, we will take you on board.
Come with your team of 3 or 4 people. If alone, we will compose a crew for you ! Tell us what type you are : owner, crew member, helm or tactician….
Comfort, security, pleasure, sensations are guaranteed !





23rd & 24th march 2019
Navigation Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00am to 4:30pm
Number of space are limited, booking is free but obligatory!

Sailing time for each team. Up to 4 rotations/day
We welcome you at the marina and take care of you all day! Complete schedule after confirmation of your booking

Cocktail offered
Presentation of the boat, first anniversary of the UK class at 6:30pm
Ketch Rigger restaurant, located at the marina





1- Fill in the contact form online
2- Get an answer from us with availabilities
3- Confirmation of booking
4- Reminder 8 days before with instructions

Come with a team or alone. Tell us about you, we will make our best for an amazing experience !
You must have had a first experience of sailing and agree our terms and conditions: get equipped with sea clothes and head protection of your choice (cap, sunglasses, solarcream, etc…) and motivation, some water to drink !


Further enquiries ?  Call Muriel +33(0)767002887


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Park your car at Hamble point marina. Come to the extreme point of the marina nearby the floating dock.
Muriel, Philip and Jonathan welcomes you, to set you up ready to go on the water. Our team takes you onbard!


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Hamble point Marina

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What to bring ?

Sea clothes, well tighten at extremities (neck, sleeves, ankles)

Lifejacket afforded

[edgtf_image_with_text image=”12805″ image_size=”medium” title=”Sailing Gear”]
[edgtf_image_with_text image=”12807″ image_size=”medium” title=”Dry Suit”]
[edgtf_image_with_text image=”12806″ image_size=”medium” title=”Wet Suit + Waterproof Jacket”]