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27 Events programmed for 2016

60 Diam 24od’s have been sold since the launch of this one design vessel in 2014. 45 have been built, 55 will be sailing by next spring and just as many crews are eager to sail and race ! The Diam 24od class has managed to structure a 2016 calendar in 4 distinct areas comprising 3 racing categories : a total of 27 events stretching from february through to november. The objective is that each crew can sail and compete regularly in a freindly milieu, near to home with a minimum of logistical constraints : this is the « Diam way of life » !
Explanations …..

When you own a boat, the important issue is to sail it. The Diam 24od class is working to propose racing and training oportunities within a freindly framework and with the least possible technical constraints.

Four sailing areas have been defined : The Channel / North Britanny , South Britanny, the Atlantic, the Mediterrannean/ Switzerland. Each area welcomes events dedicated and open to Diam 24 ods. The objective is being able to race less than 300 kms from home.

Races for all
Three levels of competition are offered : the « Diam series », the « Diam Races » and the « Diam Regattas »
The « Diam Series » are existing events open to Diam 24ods, including in their program, long distant races and structured Round Robin  races , appropriate for the preparation of Tour de France à La Voile. 5 « Diam Series » events exist : Le Grand Prix Atlantique, Le Grand Prix Guyader, Le Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale and Tour de France à La Voile.
The « Diam Races » are also events open to Diam 24ods with their own specific ranking. 15 « Diam Races » are included in the 2016 calendar, spread over the 4 racing areas.
The « Diam Regattas » are events that answer to specifications of the Diam class : Long distance and « Warm up » races for freindly and sport filled weekends, in the « Diam way of life » style. 7 « Diam Regattas » are on the 2016 calendar including a long distant race in the West Indies.

The Diam way of life.
The specifications established by the Diam 24od class for the Diam Regatta is simple : to associate sport and fun time. Three days of racing – for the sport side, evening parties for the pleasure and to re-live the race through trackings and videos of the day, reception facilities and a time table that makes life easier for racers. In brief : 100% pleasure and 0% constraint – that’s the « Diam way of life ».

Pool of services
This concept will, no doubt, be pushed to a higher level by the Diam 24od class, who wish to set up a pool of services for the racers : transportation and building up of boats, accomodation, inscription, etc. And this for all the events of the calendar.
In practice, the racers must inform the Diam 24od class at the beginning of the racing season, which races they intend to enter and which services they need. The class will organize accordingly. The cost of these services will depend on the volume of requests, but it will certainly be optimized because of numbers. The Dbox designed to carry 4 Diam 24od at a time, has alway had this concept at heart for the transportion of Diam 24ods.

Four titles and a national ranking
Four titles and a national ranking are at stake each season : the title of Champion France Monotype, battled for at the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Naval, the titles by category from the Diam Series, Races and Regattas, and the all over national ranking during Novembre à Hyères.

Diam 24od 2016 Racing Calendar.
Primo Cup in Monaco from 12th to 14th february – Mediterranean and Switzerland
Grand Prix La Grande Motte from 26th to 28th february – Mediteranean and Switzerland
Spi Ouest France in La Trinité sur Mer from 26th-28th march – South Brittany
Raid de l’Espace in Saint Martin de Bréhal from 2nd to 3rd april – Channel/North Brittany
Massilia Cup in Marseille from 8th to 10th april – Mediterranean and Switzerland
Grand Prix Atlantique in Pornichet from 8th to 10th april – South Brittany
L’Open à Cherbourg – in Cherbourg from 29th to 30th april – Channel / North Brittany
Grand Prix Guyader in Douarnenez from 29th april to 2nd may – South Brittany
GPEN – French One Design Championships in Lanvéoc from 5th to 8th may – South Brittany
Grand Prix Diam 24 – Around the Island of Ré in La Rochelle from 5th to 8th may – Atlantic
Multyco in Bénodet from 14th to 16th may – South Brittany
Genève / Rolle / Genève in Geneva from 4th to 5th june – Mediterranean / Switzerland
Normandy Week in Le Havre from 1st to 5th june – Channel / North Brittany
Raid du Quiberon in Quiberon from 4th to 6th june – South Brittany
Bol d’Or in Geneva from 10th to 12th june – Mediterranean and Switzerland
Grand Prix des Sables in Sables d’Olonne from 17th to 19th june – Atlantic
Raid Emeraude in Saint Lunaire from 25th to 26th june – Channel / North Brittany
Tour de France à La Voile – july 2016
Estuaire Multi Challenge in Port Médoc from 5th to 7th august – Atlantic
Trophée Prince de Bretagne in Saint Quai Portrieux from 26th to 28th august – Channel / North Brittany
Grand Prix Port La Forêt from 26th to 28th august – South Brittany
Atlantique Télégramme in Lorient from 26th to 28th september – South Brtittany
Catagolfe in Arradon from 8th to 9th october – South Brittany
Olympic week in La Rochelle – beginning of october – Atlantic
Grand Prix de Lanvandou in Lavandou from 13th to 16th october – Mediterranean and Swizterland
Novembre à Hyères – French Nationals Diam 24od in Hyères from 4th to 6th november – Mediterranean / Switzerland.
Raid Tropic in Grenada from 19th to 27th november – West Indies.