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Update on Diam 24 od development

The Diam 24od through figures

  • 7 years, first tackings for two prototypes in 2013,
  • 100 boats manufactured
  • The Diam 24od navigates on 5 continents : 50 in France, 50 in 10 other countries. 
  • International class monotype, acknowledged by World Sailing, 2 national classes (France and Great Britain), in the making:  New Zealand, Switzerland, Italiy, Spain


The Diam 24od in a few words 

  • Technically and financially accessible
  • Robust and one design : cheap maintenance
  • Sound and seafaring, does not heel over and gives unforgettable sensations in a secure manner : ideal for the discovery and sharing of gliding pleasures and speed at sea.
  • Very formative for high level sailing : demanding and complete boat, requires hours of training to make the most of it, specially on technical races of the Tour voile.
  • Ultra-dismountable, easy manipulation and storing (specially when done via Easy Regata)
  • A conceptuel environment : modern class rules, accessories to facilitate practice, a race programme…

In a nutshell, the Diam 24od is a boat for everyone 

  • Beginners or racers keen about perfection in sailing schools
  • amateurs of solo navigation, with the family for a day trip
  • Regatta sailors and owners
  • High level sport professionals, skill-in-the-making racers framed by the FFV
  • Corporate practice


Sustainable racing, mature

The Diam 24od is a robust boat, simple, one-design, reparable , with multiple uses.

Its circuit and its use have been pondered to mutualise the transport on sites.

Its engine is electric.

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