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Philippe MICHEL – Many thanks to him for this beautiful contribution to the Diam news!

CTN – France FFVoile/Diam 24od Youth/Relay and coordinator, Philippe Michel, has graciously accepted to develop his views about the Diam24od for this Diam News #15.


« From the moment the Tour voile had chosen the Diam24od, the FFVoile had decided to accompany the skilled youths on this race. A detection and several selection operations had been set up to determine the athletes and the crews who would integrate the «France Youths Inshore/D24 » programme, which had afterwards been used as a tank house  to constitute the French crew for the Youth America’s Cup in the  Bermudas in 2016. 

Several national FFVoile technical coaches and advisors* have been involved in this programme to assist the projects of skilled youths in their preparation and for the D24 pre-season races; the Tour Voile and the Youth America’s Cup project. »


School of demands

« The Diam 24od and the Tour Voile represent a beautiful platform of performances for our young athletes, for two main reasons :


  • The demanding boat requires an extreme precision in the actions and crew coordination
  • The technicality of race formats proposed, with the switching between stadium races and coastal races with departure on reaching or upwind according to different conditions.


Thus, a number of athletes**, moulded by years spent in the Diam24od circuit have integrated successfully Olympic projects, offshore regattas or professional crews.»

Learning teawwork and creating one’s network

« Beyond the reinforcement of the technical, tactics and strategic skills, the Diam24 od/Tour Voile circuit enables each one of them to develop a real capacity for teamwork (5 to 7 persons). This also allows the understanding and solving  of routing and navigation problematics.  Finally, the circuit and this eclectic boat makes easy, knowledge and experience transfer as well as the  transversatility thanks  to the creation or development of a network : precious for carreer evolutions.»


80 to 100 sailing days yearly

« The Diam 24od brings beautiful sensations. It is simple but very physical for the manoeuvers in light air and during stadium races. Hence the need for a very good crew and a lot of focus to make the most of the boat. The best crews have an 80 to 100 days navigation programme yearly. It allows the young sailors to reach high level sailing.»


The Tour Voile launched again

« As it is affordable, the Diam 24od has made possible for the Tour Voile to be launched again with quality participants after M34 break. Throughout the seasons, the Diam 24od has won in reliability and its good solidity simplifies its maintenance.»


High level in sport clubs

« The Diam24od is a polyvalent boat enabling a quick arrival of sensational feelings. It has been conceived and designed as a« day boat » for leisure sport. It can thus be used for sport activities initiation, or for collective or family leisure activity or in club competition or in any other sport structure. 

It can be easily launched from beaches or drydocks. It is fast can run beautiful distances in a short period of time, regardless of the weather conditions..

Its electric engine enables autonomous and ecoresponsible moves for the entries and departures from port and to acesss  beaches or mooring creeks too.


There is definitely a need to promote training sports clubs in order to reward their involvement and encourage them to go further in their actions for the circuit proposed by the Class. Perhaps a ranking and a specific «club» trophy deliverd by the Class at the end of the season as a reward for the investment and good results of training clubs, could favor the sport dynamic and would encourage new clubs to participate in the national Diam24od circuit ».



* Coaches and FFVoile national technical advisors  who accompagnied the skilled Youth programme

Coachs FFVoile : Baptiste MEYER, Philippe MICHEL, Philippe MOURNIAC, Bertrand DUMORTIER, Mathieu RICHARD et David LANIER for the routing and meteorological criterias.

Baptiste MEYER has been the coordinator of FFVoile/D24 up to 2016 andt Philippe MICHEL has been the current one since 2017.


Coachs ENVSN and  Team France Jeune : Yves CLOUET (ENVSN) and Louis VIAT (Team France Jeune)


Actions carried out in the FFVoile/D24 programme framework

– sepcific training and support for the Grand-Prix then theTour for the selected crews of the D24/FFVoile programme regrouping, accoriding to years, 3 to 4 crew members (50 days).

– 4 days national internships regroupant between  10 and 15 crew members  (before the Grand Prix de La Grande Motte and the Spi Ouest France)



** The following athletes have strengthened their knowledge, their skills, and their network amidst the proposed circuit and the Tour Voile :

Projets Olympiques :

Quentin DELAPIERRE : Double winner of the Tour (2016-2018), Olympic games Selection Tokyo 2020 on Nacra 17

Tim MOURNIAC : Winner of the Tour 2018. Crew partner of Quentin DELAPIERRE/Manon AUDINET for Tokyo Olympic games 2020 on Nacra 17

Kevin PEPONNET : Winner of the Tour 2018 and world champion 470 2018. Olympic games Selection JO Tokyo 2020 on 470 with Jérémie MION

Valentin SIPAN : Winner of the Tour 2019. TP52, TF35 and PO project 2024 on 49er with Solune ROBERT

Solune ROBERT : Double winner of the Tour (Amateur) 2015 and youths (2017). TP52 and PO project 2024 on 49er with Valentin SIPAN

Erwan FISHER : Winner of the Tour (Amateur) 2016. world champion youth 49er 2016 / PO 2020

Robin FOLLIN : Double winner of the Tour (Amateur) 2016 and (youths) 2019. Double world Champion SB20 (2015 and 2019) with today’s Course au Large (Figaro + JO2024) project.

Achille NEBOUT : Winner of the tour (youths) 2018. World champion SB20 2018 with today’s Course au Large  project (Figaro)

Charles DORANGE : Double winner of the Tour (Amateur) 2015 and youths (2017). Project PO 2024 for Offshore with his sister Violette


Integration of professional teams :

Jules BIDEGARAY : Winner of the Tour (Amateur) 2016. Selection Sail GP 2020 with Billy BESSON  + Team Spindrift TF35

Timothé LAPAUW : Winner of the Tour (Amateur) 2016. Team France Sail GP with Billy BESSON  + Team Alinghi (GC32)

Antoine RUCARD : winner of the tour (Jeunes) 2019. Team Spindrift TF35

Mathieu SALOMON : winner of the tour  2016. Member of Spindrift  team

Thibaut JULIEN : winner of the tour (Amateur) 2016 world champion youths  49er 2016 and Team SpindriftTF35.


Projets Match-racing :

Pauline COURTOIS : Vice-championne du Monde féminine Match-race 2018

Mathilde GERON : Vainqueur Tour (Mixte) 2019. Vice-world champion féminine Match-race 2019. Project JO 2024 (Offshore)

Aurélien PIERROZ : Europ Champion  youth  Match-race 2018

Simon BERTHEAU : 3rd  of Europe championship Match-race 2018.

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