The Diam 24 od

The Diam 24od is a family day boat to discover new water grounds, take pleasure in high speed sailing with easy and safe manoeuvering facilities.















The Diam 24od is a simple, one design sports boat for multihull racing either long distance or around buoys with a crew of 3 to 4 people.














The ingenious building up and dismantling process, managed within one hour, facilitates stockage.

montage Sur remorque D noeud


It can be launched on a slipway, with a crane, or on the beach. Its electric engine allows easy manouevering.






Its easy handling and marine qualities, its fine touch at the helm and its speed, stablilty and comfort, all make it a pleasant family boat.








Designed for the initiation of multihull racing, this boat is apreciated by the best sailors for its qualities, its simple deck plan and its garanteed sensations.










The Diam 24od : it’s a concept

An international racing circuit includes a varied and modern assortment of courses including new tactical and strategical races and championships.
A Strict class rules and controls, a dynamique and communicative class association per country.
A network of boatyards and sail lofts to offer high quality services.

All that’s left is the leisure and pleasure of sailing.



Specifications: ADH Inotec

Architects: VPLP

Calculation: VPLP and ADH Inotec


Caractéristiques du voilier Diam24 one design

Length: 24 feet i.e. 7.25 m, Beam: 5.62 m, Air draft: 12.20 m, Draft: 1.5 m, displacement 450 Kg, Sail area: Mainsail: 24m², Solent 9m², Gennaker: 37m²

Build material

To guarantee an identical and even finish, we have chosen composite by infusion.

Main hull and floats: glass sandwich UD carbon reinforcement, PVC foam, polyester resin

Arms:  glass sandwich UD carbon reinforcement, PVC foam, epoxy resin

Appendages: glass sandwich UD carbon, PVC foam, polyester resin

Mast: carbon, epoxy, textile rigging

Sails: mainsail and headsail in black aramid fibre membrane, gennaker in Cz laminate

Construction du voilier diam24 one design